O'Leary's Tree Services Tallahassee

Storm Tree Damage

We understand that your family’s safety is your main concern during a disaster. Thus, you’ll call for medical assistance first. But if there’s a trunk blocking your home, it may slow down your rescuers. To resolve such problem, you should also call for an emergency cleanup service after calling for rescue.   Our emergency tree service will not only help your rescuers get to you more quickly. After we remove the fallen tree, other servicemen can do the repairs and replacements that they have to do. These servicemen include linemen and plumbers.  We work together with linemen so they can fix your electricity and telephone lines as soon as possible. We do the same with plumbers. With our help, they can fix the pipes damaged by the tree. Your roofer can also start repairing your roof after we remove the branches that are in the way.

Hiring emergency tree services spares you from the risks of doing the job yourself. The trauma and exhaustion can make it hard for you to concentrate on doing things right. Instead of helping rescuers and repairmen, you may even end up putting your life in grave danger.   Instead of stressing yourself over this difficult and often dangerous task, allow us to help you out. It will be better if you focus on securing your family and your property instead as this is where your energy will be needed the most.

Emergency Tree Service

Time is crucial during emergencies. To prevent further damages and injuries, one of our experienced workers will go to your location and survey the damage. Afterward, they will present you with a quote and a plan for the job.  Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications and modify some of the terms. You can then accept or reject the quote. If you accept it, we’ll send the required manpower and equipment right away—we attend to every emergency urgently. Our workers will also coordinate with the authorities during the process as well.

When we provide emergency services, we ensure that there are no people within the area, except us. We will strive to get you and your family out of danger first. We’re going to cut down any trees and branches on your driveway and roof.   We will collect the wooden debris so the grounds become safer for you to be in. You do have the option of keeping the wood pieces for yourself, such as woodworking projects or for use as firewood.  Aside from the wood, we will remove the branches and leaves as well. After you return to your home, you can talk to us for stump removal.

During emergency situations, you need reliable service companies like ours. Call us right away if you’re in need of emergency service.