O'Leary's Tree Services Tallahassee

Tree Clearing

Large-scale lot and land clearing aren’t that easy even for many tree service companies. O’Leary’s Tree Services Tallahassee is one of the few that can handle these big and challenging jobs.  We have the equipment and workforce needed for single and massive tree removal. We also have the experience which enables us to get things done efficiently. These make us the top choice among homeowners, builders, and developers. Land clearing is the first step in preparing lands for development. Without this, you won’t be able to build safely and properly.   Other companies take a long time when cutting and clearing trees because they don’t have enough tools and people. In contrast, we work faster because we send more equipment and crew members for the job. With our service, you’ll be able to meet deadlines without worry. 

Developers are our main clientele for this service, but if you’re a homeowner who needs the same job done for your property—don’t fret. We’ll be able to apply the same techniques and get everything done quickly to avoid inconveniencing you for prolonged periods.  Having numerous trees can be disadvantageous if you’re going to resell your property. Not a lot of buyers will find them attractive. After all, the trees entail more maintenance work and pose safety risks during storms.

Lot & Land Clearing Tallahassee

Because of the job’s size, we will request to meet with you prior to the job. We can then discuss the plan and sort out possible problems. We will talk to you about the schedule of the land clearing as well.  We will let you know about the equipment we plan on using, as well as the techniques we’ll be applying. If you have personal preferences and things you are uncomfortable with, know that you can talk to us about it and we’ll take everything into consideration.   After discussions, we will prep your property to make it easier for our crew to do the job. When it comes to lot and land clearing, efficiency and meticulousness are our main priorities. We won’t leave behind stumps because they can cause also cause problems. These can lower property value and create pest infestation. They might also affect the building’s foundations.  As for the holes left by the stumps, we’ll flatten them out afterward. If you ask us, we may also refill them with gravel and sand. After dealing with the stumps, we will collect the remaining branches and leaves.

You can hire us to dispose of the trees afterward. But if you want, we will give them back to you. You can reuse them as lumber or donate them to different institutions.  Lot and land clearing services are not that cheap. However, they are the most cost-effective choice out there. When you outsource our service, you don’t have to buy and keep heavy equipment. You don’t have to train people just for one job as well.  If you’re worried about the costs, talk to us. We don’t charge hidden fees and we shall be very transparent when it comes to the price. Call us today!