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Stump Grinding & Removal Service

Stumps may seem like they won’t cause much trouble since they’re low on the ground, but there are disadvantages from keeping them around. First, they tend to be an eyesore. If you’re selling your home, your realtor will likely recommend that you remove it. Another issue is that it poses a danger to anyone living in your home—given the fact that they’re mostly invisible, people can trip on it and subsequently injure themselves. You will be liable for that.  To be fair, the stump can be repurposed and included in your landscape. It can serve as a planter or stool. You can also display plants, statues and other garden decors on the stump.  But ask yourself: Are you creative and patient enough to do any of those? Even if you liked your work, do you think realtors and prospects will love it?

Think about cleaning your yard with a stump as well. Instead of being able to mow your lawn smoothly, you’ll have to watch out for the stump and roots. If you’re not careful, your lawnmower may hit the wood and get damaged.  If the stump used to be a part of a dead or diseased tree, it could also become a source of pests and diseases. These may harm the neighboring plants and trees. Even if it’s from a healthy tree, it may end up becoming a home for wood-boring pests like termites, beetles and carpenter ants.   These pests aren’t just threats to the other trees in your yard. They can also damage the wood parts of your home. Aside from structural damage, they may carry pathogens or release toxins. These pathogens and toxins may contaminate your food and water supplies.   The best way to deal with the said problems is to remove the stump. Stump removal can be done using two methods. The first one is uprooting the entire root system using a backhoe. The second form is grinding the visible parts of the stump. O’Leary’s Tree Services Tallahassee recommends the latter most of the time.

Tree Stump Grinding Tallahassee

Before grinding down the stump, our staff will first inspect it and find out the stump’s age and size.  The tree’s species determines how deep or how shallow the roots would be. In general, hardwoods are harder to uproot because of their compact and thick wood fiber. Stumps from conifers are easier to manage.  Aside from the stump, we’ll also survey your place to plan the entry of our grinder. Unlike a backhoe, our stump grinder needs less space and causes less damage. 

A grinder is the recommended equipment if you’re getting rid of stump primarily for aesthetic purposes. If you’re going to construct something over it, using a backhoe is more ideal.  After surveying your stump and property, we’ll offer you a quote. If you accept, we will send our workers to carry out the grinding process. They will do some prior preparation like clearing the area using rakes. After that, one of our workers will start the grinding process.

We can ensure that the process will be done efficiently and as quickly as we can. We shall handle the cleanup afterward as well. Call us today if you’re interested in getting our services for this particular purpose.