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Tree Removal

Tree removal is best left to professionals like us, at O’Leary’s Tree Service Tallahassee. While it may seem easy to do, removing a tree can be a tedious and sometimes dangerous thing—especially if you’re not well equipped or don’t have ample knowledge about how to do it right. This is especially so if the tree is close to other structures such as homes and power lines.  However, you can’t just hire anyone who randomly knocks on your door to offer tree removal services. It is important to work with a licensed and insured service provider as this means extra safety for you.  An insured service helps save you from possible liabilities. There are plenty of risks involved in the removal of trees and as you know, accidents can happen despite all the preparations done beforehand.

During the tree removal process, one mistake may lead to costly accidents. If you hired a company that isn’t insured, you’ll be personally liable for the hospitalization costs. Getting help from a tree service provider can help you save time and effort as well. A low-risk and balanced tree don’t just grow on its own. It requires some trimming every now and then.   Another thing to consider is that trees require different things. Trees tend to differ in size, height, thickness, and a number of branches. Some are also healthy while some have diseases. The differences make some trees easier to remove than others.  The species of the tree is an important consideration as well. They are classified as hardwoods or coniferous. Between the two types, the former is harder to cut because of its harder trunk.

Tree Services Tallahassee

For tree removal, call us so we can schedule an inspection with you. You can choose the time and date to ensure that you’ll be around during our visit. When we visit and inspect your tree, do feel free to ask us questions regarding tree care and our services. A certified arborist will conduct this assessment. They have all the knowledge and would be able to determine the tree’s species and whether it is healthy or not.   This Inspection is done to help determine if tree removal is indeed the best solution to your problem. Moreover, it helps our staff create a plan on how to cut the tree as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

After the inspection, our staff will provide you with a price quote. You can accept, reject or re-negotiate with us. Once you accept, we can set the actual date of the service.   During the tree removal, a foreman will instruct the other workers to be in their respective areas. This team would be comprised of a lift operator, a lead cutter, a chipper, branch cutters, and ground crew members. Distributing the tasks enable our team to finish as soon as possible.  After the designations are set, branch cutters will climb your tree. They will start at the top and work their way down. The ground crew, as their name suggests, will pick up the fallen branches on the ground.  Once the branches are taken care of, the lead cutter will cut the trunk. Because of their thickness and heaviness, trunks are usually cut into several portions. 

    If you’re going to use the trunk for woodworking projects, always inform us beforehand. We will cut the trunk accordingly and even help put away the pieces for you. Rest assured that we’ll also clean up any debris, making sure that your property is clean and safe.

    ​Don’t wait until an emergency happens before you get tree service. Call or contact us now so we can inspect and advise you accordingly.