O'Leary's Tree Services Tallahassee

Trimming Your Trees

For trees to add appeal to your property, they need to be properly maintained. Doing so would not only keep them healthy, but it also makes having trees an asset instead of a possible liability.  Some people assume that trimming trees is an easy job. You just need the equipment and you’re good to go—but, this isn’t the case at all. It can be dangerous if done by a non-professional and you might end up damaging the tree permanently in the process. At worse, you might injure yourself or those around you. This is why you need to contact experts, and we at O’Leary’s Tree Services Tallahassee can provide you with exactly what you need.

Some of our clients hire our tree trimming service to save time and energy. Others do it because of the way we treat their trees. We consider the trees as organisms that also need care and protection. We also think of them as a possible asset to your landscape. They can add colors, texture, and dimensions to an otherwise plain yard. Because of these things, we don’t just cut branches randomly.

Tree Trimming Tallahassee

If you call us for a trimming or pruning service, we will send one of our expert arborists to assess your property and trees. You can talk to them about possible options or ask them more about our services. They will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information. During the assessment, our staff will take note of the damaged or diseased parts of your tree. After listing these problematic parts, he will consider other parts to cut to keep your tree balanced.   They will also assess the space in and around your property. This allows us to set what kind of vehicles we may or may not be able to use. The inspection will be thorough because we only want to ensure the beauty and health of your tree.

During the tree trimming job, a foreman will oversee everything. If you have questions, you can talk to them about it. Rest assured that our crew members are knowledgeable in the proper care of trees and will always consider your preferences.  Our branch cutters will climb your tree using harnesses and other safety gear. Meanwhile, the ground crew will collect the branches into piles. The chippers will further cut the branches for recycling or disposal. Working in teams help get things done more efficiently.

What separates our workers from independent contractors is their expertise on the guidelines set by the Arbor Day Foundation. These simple guidelines help us do the job better and more in line with what is natural. Thus, we avoid cutting the branches that are close to the main trunk. This is to prevent the formation of tree hollows. Tree hollows may become habitats of squirrels, birds, snakes, and other animals.

    Instead of tree trimming, you can also opt for simple pruning if your tree doesn’t have extensive damages or problematic branches. This service is less time-consuming and more affordable. Pruning is best for shaping purposes. Although it’s relatively simple, it has a noteworthy impact on the overall beauty of the tree.

    Whether you want to impress potential home buyers or just want a better view of your yard, tree trimming and pruning will be of great help to you. Contact us today if you’re considering it for your home!